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Where to draw the line

May 20, 2011

Is the good old fashioned scamp dying out? There are still many agencies out there where scamping up ideas is an integral part of the creative process, thankfully I’ve had the pleasure of working in a few. But there seems to be an increasing trend within to jump straight onto a mac and bash out an ad in InDesign or Quark. Read more…


New Arrival Poster

May 14, 2011

A very personal Christening present. Available with a boy and girl alphabet. Because girls don’t like worms and boys don’t like fairies.

£35 plus postage and packing, email for more info.
Read more…

Type setting Mark Twain

May 14, 2011

My wife’s favourite quote, in my favourite typeface. A happy compromise. Available as a poster in a selection of different colours.

Funeral Type ad

May 14, 2011

A speculative press ad for co-op funeralcare.

A sofa is not just for Christmas

May 14, 2011

Fetton & Macy

May 14, 2011

You can’t beat a good ampersand. It adds a certain sophistication. And the occasional one happens to look like an E. Bonus.